Greetings! I am Berk. I am a new volunteer from Turkey. Currently, I am studying English Language Teaching at Anadolu University. This project is the first that I have attended outside of Turkey – also the first time I am abroad. I am very excited because of all this. Also, I have been a volunteer at Hippotherapy Turkey for two years. At that place, some of my responsibilities were taking care of the horses and designing posters, brochures, etc. And if you ask, „What is hippotherapy?”, it fundamentally is therapy with horses. It is an effective therapy method helpful for people with disability, especially children. Once I heard about volunteering in Lithuania, I decided to go for it and apply. And now I am here, volunteering at Radijo Klubas. I hope to be helpful here, improve myself, and make new friends. I truly liked Siauliai, and I hope to see more of Lithuania in the future and discover the culture more.

I’m Ruzanna, a volunteer from Armenia – a country situated in Armenian Highlands of Western Asia. I’ve completed bachelor’s program in Linguistics and Cross-cultural communication at Brusov State University of languages and social sciences in Yerevan (capital of Armenia). I’m fluent in English and Russian, and I can also speak a little Chinese. I’m an experienced ESL teacher. I’ve been teaching English for almost 4 years now and I’m skilled at developing interesting ways to encourage and inspire children to learn new language, gain new knowledge and develop themselves to become a worthy part of the society. I’ve been an active volunteer at Confucius Institute in Armenia for 3 years, taking part in the organization of institute’s events. I’ve always wanted to be a volunteer outside my country to get more skilled and experienced in different spheres and as soon as I saw an information about volunteering in Lithuania I decided to apply for it. I’ve heard a lot about Lithuania from my grandmother, she travelled a lot here when she was younger and also my friend talked a lot about her volunteering experience here, so without second thought I applied for it. I expect to learn more about this beautiful country and I surely want to learn some Lithuanian. I hope volunteering in Šiaulių Didždvario gimnazijos „Radijo Klubas“ will help me to gain new knowledge and get new friends here.
My hobbies: I love watching detective and historical movies, listening to music especially K-pop, travelling, cooking.

Hello, I am Gizem and I’ll be one of the volunteers that you’ll see around this year in the Radijo Klubas. I grew up in the south of Turkey, close to the very famous Mediterranean sea where it’s sunny for 300 days of the year. Currently, I am pursuing  a master’s degree in the sociology department at Anadolu University. One thing you may not know about me is I love spending my free time with my friends at home as well as traveling. I have a big passion for capturing moments because I believe that photographs will last forever with us to remember those precious times.

I’ve been a volunteer for 3 years in local organizations where I have worked on a wide variety of projects that have allowed me to meet with a lot of inspiring people. My past experiences made me seek for more so now that I have the time, I’ve finally been a part of a long term volunteering project that will help me to  discover a new culture.

I hope the whole year will be filled with happy moments for all of us.